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Hey you guys, with much thought and consideration of not only our situation but also yours, we as a team decided that the best situation to not contribute to the spread of this virus is to close the restaurant from tomorrow 19/03/2020 until further notice. We have been taking every precaution and measure possible to disinfect and sanitize every inch of the restaurant. With that being said, many people come into the restaurant on a daily basis and we can't control what happens. We work in very close proximity to each other, and in times like this, unfortunately, we need to distance ourselves. Practicing social distancing is going to be key to lessening the amount of people who might get in contact with Covid-19. SEE YOU SOON !!!


Hello everyone, we are Matteo and Nicola, 2 Italian guys with a great passion for food drinks, and pizza! Our concept is very clear: quality first! Our fresh new canteen serves up a sumptuous mix of Italian treats, with a big focus on pizza. Our pizzas are served on 24h fermented dough to make it light and highly digestible.


As quality is our point of force, we only use fresh quality ingredients.
Our continually revised menu will bring to the table seasonally new plates that will amaze your palate.

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Top Rated Meals


Hand-cut Potatoes Fries with Pecorino romano fondue


Potato croquette with Mozzarella and Parmesan served with an Arrabiata sauce dip

Bocconcini Di Pizza

Sweet fried pizza dough balls with Nutella and granulated Hazelnuts


Absolutely sensational pizzas (Buffalina being my favourite) and wonderful, caring, friendly all-Italian staff. A neighbourhood gem that I'm so thrilled is around the corner from my house. Their takeaway is great but eating in is so lovely. Brilliant.

Lou Box

Great pizza! One of the best in London. Really very very tasty. This is a nice neighbourhood restaurant where the atmosphere is authentically Italian and easy going. The service is warm and welcoming. Also, the pizza keeps a high standard also when ordered for delivery.

Francesca Salvati

OMG, what a delicious pizza!! I did a reservation in advance to save time waiting. WILL DEFINITELY come back! enjoyed every little piece of pizza.

Fernanda Valerio

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