+44 20 3302 8700
67 Newington Green Road London, United Kingdom


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Absolutely sensational pizzas (Buffalina being my favourite) and wonderful, caring, friendly all-Italian staff. A neighbourhood gem that I'm so thrilled is around the corner from my house. Their takeaway is great but eating in is so lovely. Brilliant.

Lou Box

Great pizza! One of the best in London. Really very very tasty. This is a nice neighbourhood restaurant where the atmosphere is authentically Italian and easy going. The service is warm and welcoming. Also, the pizza keeps a high standard also when ordered for delivery.

Francesca Salvati

OMG, what a delicious pizza!! I did a reservation in advance to save time waiting. WILL DEFINITELY come back! enjoyed every little piece of pizza.

Fernanda Valerio

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Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.

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